Modifying user registration form.

Jolene Pickles Posted in Component Development 3 months ago

I want to change the user registration form by deleting both the "first name" and the "last name" fields.
Instead I just want people to create a user name.

It would also be nice to delete the birthdate.

I want to keep it as simple as possible. Just username and email

German Dominik L Replied 3 months ago

Hey Jolene, the "hide last Name" component is working on the newest OSSN

Rafael made the component for me and I just used it 3 weeks ago

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 3 months ago

That is not my component the details of demo is already provided on

us Jolene Pickles Replied 3 months ago

@Arsalan Shah

Is there any possiblity to test the plugin before I pay you? It's not a lot of money but I like to be sure that I'm getting something that works.