Reposting becuse I can't find a respond button

Jolene Pickles Posted in Technical Support 3 months ago

Sites really need an alternative to forums so I'm responding to someone who commented on my last message.

> Thank you for sharing your feedback, however I don't agree with
> You only have created one support request which was answered
> correctly.

There are numerous problems that would have to be handled.

For example,
There's a poor selection of themes available and none of them will fit with my project. So I'm going to have to spend time trying to tweek an existing one or I'll have to create my own. This is going to require a lot time and effort.

Adding functionality or modifying it requires installing modules /plugins. I have no problems paying for something but this has the potential to get expensive very fast. 3rd parties create them and there's no guarantee that they'll do what I need.

I'm assuming that threads /commentaries posted in OSSN function similar to how this community does. I posted a request for support and you responded. There does not appear to be a way to respond to your response in that thread. So, continuous conversations are going to be very difficult for members.

There are other things too but those are the main problems that I'v found

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[Topic is Duplicate]: For the moment I'm returning to an old Vbulletin forum.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 3 months ago

That is very strange that you can not find respond button to your thread. Because reply form with button is in each thread.

Closing this as duplicate.

Wishing you good luck with your forum.