Good practice running websites

eric redegeld Posted in General Discussion 5 days ago

I'm looking for some user experiences. Now that the site is growing, and the user messages on the wall disappear to the bottom, and so on.
Some users with many messages are already scrolling crazy.
What are the good practices. just missing a user filter by # or date or subject option.
But I'm curious about others

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 4 days ago

He can find all his posts on his profile.

Dutch Eric redegeld Replied 5 days ago

okay, try to clear it.
Quote user:
So I will not have the opportunity to create an archive of my posts here. This means that everything I post disappears into the depths of the timeline without ever being found again (at most on hashtag)
En Quote

he is talking about the timeline.
sure the time the site grows the timeline also grows

but thats the same for your facebook time line
Now that i am typing this the best that would work is an option to add your timeline in to the dashboard.

Dont know, looking for site samples. Is there an place to see other users site?

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 5 days ago

Messages and wall little but confused.

Messages + Wall are two different things

Do you mean the wall posts?

I see that user who is complaining about the problem.

So where does the post disappears at what page? what URL and when?
Does he sees posts on his profile?