Creating collections (or archive) on OSSN

Vin Konings Posted in Component Development 3 days ago

Hi there! I'm new here, and simply trying to help out a friend of mine who has his own OSSN website (
I've been posting on that site, but I haven't found an option for archiving my posts - and neither has he. There doesn't seem to be a module for creating collections, like there were on Google+. There might be a plugin, though, to that end. Any help regarding this archive option would be extremely welcome. Can anyone help me/us out?
Thanks a bunch in advance, Vin.

Dutch Vin Konings Replied 3 days ago

Yes, it's like saved posts. In fact, all of your posts can be saved in this way. Each in its own category (collection).
I understand that you're one of the developers here? Or the only one, perhaps? Well, thanks for your honesty. Seems that Eric has to do it himself, or hire a developer of his own. Shame there isn't a simple plugin for this.
Anyway, thanks for trying to help us out!

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 3 days ago

I understand so its liked saved posts? where you can save the posts you want? honestly i have no time to develop and this can be simply done by a hiring a developer

  1. That register a menu for the post
  2. Menu called save post/unsave post
  3. A page where you can see all the posts you saved (like a seperate newsfeed).
Dutch Vin Konings Replied 3 days ago

Eric, your info and image are from before G+ introduced it's collections. Here's some better info - and a better image to go along:
"> image description here

Dutch Vin Konings Replied 3 days ago

Hello Arsalan,

You're right, Google+ was terminated on april 2nd 2019. Apparently you didn't have an account there. One of the unique features of G+ was the option to create collections in which one could place one's posts - by category. It's a bit like the boards you find on Pinterest. If you'd like to see what I mean, here's a link to Quodari, the only site that I know of that has the same feature nowadays:

Dutch Eric redegeld Replied 3 days ago

it looks like this.
User can generate kind of bookmarks of favorites post, and other content
Sample image
enter image description here

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 3 days ago

What is archive posts? never saw on twitter/facebook etc. Google+ doesn't exists anymore