How to find a string (a pattern of words) in the source code

Regardless of what you want to find and change in OSSN: you need a text editor which is capable of UTF-8 encoding. Never use wordpozessor(wordprocessor) like MSWord or LibreOffice Writer!

Notepad++ and Sublime Text are known to do a good job, and both editors already offer a way to search in multiple subdirectories.

Having Notepad++ installed, all you have to do is:

  • unpack your OSSN installation zip file locally
  • open a file of your choice like "ChangeLog.txt" in the ossn directory with Notepad++
  • click "Search" in the main menu of the editor
  • choose "Find in Files"
  • enter your search string in the "Find what" field of the popped up window
  • specify the starting point next to "Directory" (that's your unpacked archive directory "ossn")
  • click "Find All"

The editor's window will split horizontally, and all search results (file names and line numbers inluded) are listed at the bottom half. You can even click on any of those search results and the file appears in the upper part of the split screen. So make your changes, save the file and you're done.

Another, but much clumsier approach could be to make use of your operating system's search tools, like findstr on Windows:

  • open a cmd shell window
  • cd to the top of your unpacked archive (ossn) and enter
  • findstr /s /n /c:"YOURSEARCHSTRING" *

Again, every occurrence of YOURSEARCHSTRING will be listed with file name and line number.
See the main page for findstr at