How to publish a component

This How-To is about making a working component of yours avaiblable to the Ossn community.

(Refer to and to asure all Ossn requirements are met)

  1. Log in to this forum with your member credentials
  2. Navigate to Download -> Components
  3. Click the green [Create Project] button
  4. Fill out the fields
    Component Name: the name of your component
    Repository Url: if you have a Github repository, enter url, otherwise leave blank
    License: select a license of your choice
    Component Type: select a type which fits best
    Ossn Version: select the Ossn version your component is compatible with

    Component Description: enter a meaningful description and/or how to use the component

  5. Click [Save]

The basic component repository structure has been created now, and you'll be forwarded to a new page which looks like this:

enter image description here

Next, click the [Upload Latest Version] button to upload your zipped component archive. You'll be forwarded to new page looking like:

enter image description here

Make sure, that the version you're entering here matches the version in your ossn_com.xmlfile!
Click the [Browse...] button to select your archive and finally click [Save]

You're done and your component will be listed on the component's main page now.