How to install Open Source Social Network on DigitalOcean

Open Source Social Network is available on digital ocean as one click installation. You don't need to configure server or anything else it will do itself. Follow the steps below.

1. Login into your DigitalOcean account and click create droplet.
Create Droplet
2. Now under the one-click apps click select the Open Source Social Network.
Select OSSN
3. After selecting the Open Source Social Network select the droplet type and region and then click create.
Create Droplet
4. Once it is created you will receive a email, copy the password from the email address
enter image description here
5. Go to your newly created droplet page -> Access -> Launch Console.
Open Console
6. Enter your username as root and password (You can paste password using right click and then click paste, it will ask you to change password). After changing password enter exit command and enter
Change Droplet Password
7. Now reboot (power off and then power on) the droplet using your DigitalOcean panel.
Reboot Boot Droplet
8. Copy your ip address / website address and paste it in the browser. In first it will appear reboot page.
Reboot Required
9. Since you rebooted already please wait for a while after a installation page will appear you can click continue. Enter your website name, email address. (leave the database and data directory details as it is) and continue. In last you can create your first social network administrator account.
Continue Installation