Community Components Version Updates API

A public API is available for the list of components available on community and the latest version of them.

Response JSON

    "merchant": "Open Source Social Network",
    "url": "https:\/\/\/",
    "terms": "https:\/\/\/site\/terms",
    "time_token": 1574631224,
    "method": "components_store_updates",
    "payload": [
            "com_id": "Greetings",
            "latest_version": "1.0",
            "time_updated": "1574551194",
            "url": "https:\/\/\/component\/view\/3758\/greetings"

Here com_id is the id of component mentioned in ossn_com.xml file and developers must provide this id when adding new component project.

latest_version is based on the version developer provide when uploading new version.