How To Upgrade Ossn

Upgrading from any Ossn version to latest one

  • Make sure you have at minimum php 7.0 running.
  • Back up your complete OSSN installation- and data directory.
  • Back up your database.
  • Download latest stable OSSN version from the download page of our website and unzip locally.
  • Login to your admin account - don't log off.
  • Disable Cache.
  • Disable all non-core components. (= all components which don't start with Ossn....)
  • Enable Default Theme.
  • Remove old Ossn installation from your site, except the folder named configurations and your Ossn data directory.
  • Upload all files and folders from locally unzipped installation package to former place on your server.
  • Check ownership of copied files and folders on your server. They must be read- and writable by apache. In doubt ask your provider how to set permissions correctly.
  • Back in your browser, run
  • Remove subdirectory named installation

You must follow these steps to upgrade.