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This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
German Zet Man 9 months ago

Latest Members


This component will add two new widgets to the sidebar on the right.
- a list of the 15 latest community members
- a list of your 15 latest friends

Besides that it makes a new 'All members' page available to your community
which can be reached by http://YOUR_SITE_URL/members/all

If you are still running the former "OssnMembers" component with Ossn 4.x, we strongly recommend to remove it and use this one instead.

German Zet Man Replied 8 months ago

You need a lot, Darry. And it's not my intention to discourage you from tweaking Ossn the way you want. But don't expect ME to do all this work for you. I'm focused to contributions of more general interest and bugfixing.

ng Darry James Replied 8 months ago

Alright @Zet.
Thanks once again.
But I was actually thinking about mobile device users.

The member names are shown when hovering the image with your mouse pointer BTW.

Users without PC can't see a friend name before considering adding up. But they can only see there picture. I think displaying a user name for mobile device users would be okay for them and myself I believe. But I can't modify this to view user names on mobile devices. That's why I was seeking for your help. Could you please give me a guildlines on where to modify this feature or send the reverse component for me. Although my taste might be different from others. But I needed this!
Thanks for this component Zet. It's a nice one though.

German Zet Man Replied 8 months ago

Hi Darry,
and thanks for posting some creative thoughts regarding this component.

My idea was displaying a short first-sight info whether there are new members or not to regular community visitors. The member names are shown when hovering the image with your mouse pointer BTW.
More members or all members (add friend option included) can be easily displayed by means of the Ossn Search function: Simply leave the search field blank and press Enter. And that's why I see no need to add the same functionality to this component a second time.

Of course you can modify my work to be more suitable for your own community. Right this is the idea of open source. :)

ng Darry James Replied 8 months ago

Thanks for this wonderful plugin.
But I would like to make a missing contribution.
In OSSNMEMBERS which was the previous one. It happens to show a list of all members with a button to add them up. Also it was being paginated were user can click next to view the next line of members.
Although this new Latest Members UI is very nice. But doesn't have an option button of "Add Friend"
Also on the circle image, it should display the username of the user before being added up.
I love this new design. But I don't know if it's still possible to modify and release the update??
Looking forward for a positive response!!

Portuguese Paulo Alexandre Replied 9 months ago

Great component (y)


Developer: Zet
License GPL v2
Type: Communication
Ossn Version: 4.x
Latest Version: 1.0
Last Updated 9 months ago
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