How to report a bug / error

First of all, don't expect a developer to have supernatural powers, a seventh sense ... whatever.

Thus, if your report just looks like "My Ossn doesn't work", this forum is as clueless as you are. And without any background nobody will be able to help you.

So, with every error report we need at least:

  1. some useful information or a screenshot which may help us getting an idea what's going wrong
  2. the URL of your site
  3. the operating system/version of your device
  4. the brand/version of your browser

The next requirements depend on where the problem occurs:

Case A: You're still in the beginning of the Ossn installation process and you are getting a blank page or server errors of type 403 (= access forbidden), 404 (= page not found), 500 (= internal server error). In any case the webserver of your site (apache in most cases) will log the reason of your problem to a logfile.
Unfortunately, there's no standard of how and where to access this logfile. If your provider is running CPanel, you may simply click on an Icon named "Errors" from inside your website management console, or the logfile might be accesssable from within your hosting directory. In doubt, ask your provider where to find it.
If the lines in the logfile don't make much sense to you and are leaving you clueless, please copy and attach them to your report.

Case B: Ossn has been installed without problems, your site is basically running - but you are experiencing issues here and there.

  1. Disable any additional component or theme you may have installed and verify whether this makes a difference
  2. Revert any changes you may have made to the code and verify whether this makes a difference
  3. If not, provide step-by-step instructions how to reproduce your problem
  4. Make a test account available, so others can easily login and get and idea of what's going wrong
  5. Install and enable the System Info component ( )
  6. Enable Error reporting ( and provide the contents of the file named error_log

Finally, please report different problems separately. Open a new thread for each single issue.

Thank you.