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This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
in sathish kumar 5 years ago


adds a contact page to your site allowing visitors to send some feedback or ask a question.
The contact page is addressable via the link "Contact Us" in the footer of your site.

In this component i have used the following things that is usefull for others to build component

1.How to register page ?
2.How to write action ?
3.How to write the setting page ?

For the above question you can get the answer by seeing this plugin .
I hope this will helpfull for you guys to build a new one.

This component comes with two configurable settings on the admin backend

  1. Email address to which the contact form should be sent
    this one is mandantory
  2. Any text or HTML that should appear above the contact form, e.g. an IFRAME with a road map
    you may either leave it blank in order to display only the contact form, or add any HTML code which will be displayed on top of the form then

Contact page (default view)
enter image description here

Contact page (customized with extra html + openstreetmap iframe)
enter image description here

Contact 3.0 has been adapted to work flawlessly with Ossn 5.2 and on mobile devices. All currently available language files are already in place, but (except of the German one) still need to be translated.

us Roman Lohov Replied 2 months ago

~Z~ Man
One thing I have to ask. Your flag is German, Map says you are close to Berlin. Explain this to me???

(except of the German one)


us Roman Lohov Replied 2 months ago

~Z~ Man
To be honest, I completely removed google maps option on my side. I see absolute no need for it in the Contact Us form. But, since it is not my component, I felt like I can't just delete addons from it. I figured, people can decide for them self's and just delete that part if they don't need it.

I see he put the option to insert google maps link from admin panel and he comment it cause it didn't work. This option is useless in this component, so I did nothing with it.

Perhaps I can grab that google maps feature and add it to person's profile page. It will fit better there.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 2 months ago

Thanks for taking care of this oldie, Roman.

Before releasing your updated version:
Having a hardcoded Indian city on top of the form doesn't make so much sense, I think, while displaying the Ossn community's location instead would be a real enhancement.
And having a look at the beginning of contactform.php shows that Sathish obviously must have had a configurable option in mind - but never finished that part.

So, if you have the time to find out whether there's a Google api that allows us to enter a city name from the Ossn admin backend and get something back to feed the iframe with - I'd really appreciate.
If not, I'd vote for simply removing that map. :)


Perhaps a much simpler and even more versatile solution could be to add a textfield to the admin backend to paste the complete iframe or whatever html code into.
This way we wouldn't be forced to go with Google maps but may use other solutions like Open Street Map, too

sample openstreetmap iframe ...
enter image description here

us Roman Lohov Replied 2 months ago

I have an Updated version of this Component. Slightly changed layout. Modified system files to read languages from "locale". Russian and English are fully translated. Other languages are added but not translated(you can translate yours in "locale" folder"). Works with 5.2.

Staff, please add it to OSSN.

Breton William Silva Replied 3 months ago

I can't translate it into Portuguese as an administrator.

"Enter the email that you want to receive feedback"

Someone to help?

Catalan Chris Aug Replied 7 months ago

Hi i was wondering if you no how to change the map because i wanted it to translate in english but it's not showing english

Turkish Fatih Bayram Replied 4 years ago

I'm using the latest OSSN-Version on my site works fine. Download at the right side v2.0

Portuguese Angelo Martins Replied 5 years ago

this component is not working have to date or be retained there and already now when they make ctualização could Menter you an importer of contacts to imprtarmos contacts of all social networks and even of e-mail accounts and then send them to me an invitation to the same contacts to invite them to come up also in our Social Networkstrong text

in Sathish kumar Replied 5 years ago

@zet thanks for bug report . please download the latest version

German ~Z~ Man Replied 5 years ago


I just told you that the converting problem has been solved several days ago - and your answer is: "in ossn we dont have a component to send html to mail". I can only wonder ...

It doesn't need a component, it's 3 lines of code. See line 25 to 27 in
components/OssnMessages/classes/OssnMessages.php. You simply have to paste these lines below line 12 of your contactmail.php.

Have in mind that the majority of users is expecting correctly working components and not this kind of half done stuff.


Developer: sathish
License ossnv4
Type: Communication
Minimum Requirement: 5.2
Latest Version: 3.0
Last Updated 2 months ago
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