Homelancer Scroller Download 1.4

This component/theme doesn't work with the latest OSSN version.
ph Rally Homelancer 7 years ago

Homelancer Scroller enables infinite scrolling on your Ossn pages instead of clicking on pagination buttons.

This component finds the container of the pagination buttons and substitutes the pagination with infinite scrolling to Newsfeed, Homelancer Custom Fields, Administrator Users List, Search Users, Search Groups, Forum.

Allows infinite scrolling to other areas as well that uses the pagination buttons.

Tatar Steven downer Replied 5 years ago

May I request that this component is updated for the latest OSSN version?

On a News Feed/ Group, etc that has many posts, it was very useful to simply click to return to the top....as it is, it does not work with v5.1.


us Roger Ghostraven Replied 6 years ago

Rally, I love the component except for one issue. Is there a way to turn it off for the full user list? When i use my admin account I add everyone and it was easy to go to the last page and start working backwards for daily signups but with infinite scroll I have to scroll a lot, add friend, then I'm back a the top and have to scroll again.

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 7 years ago

There's another issue:

Enter the newfeed,
and continue deleting the topmost post until all postings of the first page are deleted.
You'll end up with an empty page this way,
postings of page 2 won't show up - even if you're trying to scroll.
All you can do is reloading the newsfeed to make the older posts appear.

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 7 years ago

Hey Rally,
just found something that needs your investigation:

Please, log in as demoduck/demoduck on https://newblue.ongolito.net
then proceed to the profile page of Botox Lips https://newblue.ongolito.net/u/botox

You'll find the pagination still in place!

Problem/explanation: Demoduck is NOT a friend of Botox, and all latest postings of Botox on offset=1 are of type "friends-only" and hence are invisible to Demoduck. There's a public posting on offset=2, though. So if you click the pagination page 2, this posting is shown and the pagination disappears.

ph Rally Homelancer Replied 7 years ago

@Zet Man
Great idea. I'll work on that ASAP.

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 7 years ago

Thanks Rally for that brilliant idea.

I'm a little concerned about memory usage, though.
I gave it a try, installed the Firefox extension "Tab Memory Usage" and made a comparison on newblue.ongolito.net with side menu collapsed and browser window shrinked to display the newsfeed only.
Without your scroller I'm starting with 7,8 Mb and after switching from page to page I'm still at the same usage when reaching the last page.
With your scrolled enabled am at 19,4 Mb in the end instead.

Now that my test site has no real user activity this is of course not an issue , but thinking about a site with some hundreds of members and a newsfeed history of many years you can forsee the browser slowing down the more you're scrolling towards the end.

Thus my idea - instead of continuously appending stuff - would be to keep only a "current" page in memory plus a previous and a next page like
offset 10
offset 11 (current)
offset 12
And if the user is scrolling towards offset 13, the offset 10 part will be removed. We might get some more spinners when scrolling back because of fetching those former records again, but we would be able to keep the browser's memory usage constant this way.

Talking about a long newsfeed history again, a general drawback of the scrolling approach is "reaching the end" in a comfortable way. If I suddenly remember a wonderful posting of a friend of mine he did lots of months ago, it becomes a real pain to scroll and scroll and scroll until I finally get it on screen.

So maybe we should add something like a 'getPostByTime' function to the walls class with a comfortable user interface to enable searchings like '5 months ago', 'in 2015', ... whatever. :)

Breton CLAUDIO CAMPOS Replied 7 years ago

Opa... Daniel, que bom um brasileiro para interagir. Vou te adicionar sim no skype. Me dê um dia para isso, pois quase não uso o skype, vou passar a usar novamente.

us Danniel Covo Replied 7 years ago

Olá Claudio.
Achei um brasileiro por aqui, muito bom!
Estou configurando a rede social para determinadores tipos de usuarios. Porém gostaria de saber se na opção de grupos tem as proprias noticias do grupo, evento, etc.

Você poderia me adicionar no skype para que possamos manter contato ?
skype: dannielcovo.


Catalan Poonam Sehrawat Replied 7 years ago

Great improvement ! Thanks Rally.

Breton CLAUDIO CAMPOS Replied 7 years ago

"-Added a scroller lock to the advertisements on the right. When the bottom of the ads is reached, it locks the scrolling for the advertisements. When the user scrolls back to the top, scrolling of the ads is resumed. "

(Is it possible to do this also in groups and in the timeline?)


Developer: Rally
License GPL v2
Type: Uncategorized
Requires Ossn Version : 4.x
Latest Version: 1.4
Last Updated 7 years ago
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