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This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
Indonesian Arsalan Shah 5 years ago

Add a custom page for your website. You may use menu builder component to link those pages to any menu.

Custom Page
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  • Fixed the issue with OSSN 6.6


  • Allow you to use style and script tags.
German Dominik L Replied 1 year ago

thank you! :)

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 1 year ago

Yes, v1.3 is not yet compatible with latest way of admin menu registering. The com file needs a change like

        // ossn_register_admin_sidemenu('admin:cpages', 'admin:cpages', ossn_site_url('administrator/settings/cpages?mpage=list'), ossn_print('admin:sidemenu:settings'));

     ossn_register_menu_item('admin/sidemenu', array(
        'name'   => 'admin:cpages',
        'text'   => ossn_print('admin:cpages'),
        'href'   => ossn_site_url('administrator/settings/cpages?mpage=list'),
        'parent' => 'admin:sidemenu:settings',
German Dominik L Replied 1 year ago

locale is not translated properly:

enter image description here

This is the language file:

enter image description here

The word "Einstellungen" is translated, but not in the way I wrote it

"admin:cpages" should be "benutzerdefinierte Seiten", but it isn't

I just copied the english locale file and changed it, like I do it always

Welsh Thomas Nikidiotis Replied 2 years ago

So to make my own page with php, js and html code i ned to set up my custom component??

Breton Rafael [] Replied 2 years ago


Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 2 years ago


Breton Rafael [] Replied 2 years ago

What kind of php code inside of custom pages you want?

A modification in component to allow some codes with specific tag, such as << USERNAME >> or << SITE_NAME >> (whitout spaces) to show user or site name is not a hard job. But this is just an idea

GitHub page shows version 1.0. Can you update the repository?

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 2 years ago

Thomas, you can't set php code using the component for a custom php code see a Hello World component

Welsh Thomas Nikidiotis Replied 2 years ago

Hi i would like to ask if i can put php code inside my custom page and not only html!

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 2 years ago

It would be of help if these pages had the same structure as standard site pages like

<div class="col-md-11">
    <div class="ossn-site-pages">
        <div class="ossn-site-pages-inner  ossn-page-contents">
            <div class="ossn-site-pages-title">
                Privacy         </div>
            <div class="ossn-site-pages-body">

Not every theme has a guaranteed fixed column width of 11, and having the same anchor class="ossn-site-pages" in place would make it easier to address it via jquery and change the parent node from 11 to whatever value is needed.


Developer: Arsalan
License ossnv3
Type: Site admin
Requires Ossn Version : 5.0
Latest Version: 1.5
Last Updated 1 year ago
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