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This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
German Arsalan Shah 5 months ago

Add a custom page for your website. You may use menu builder component to link those pages to any menu.

Custom Page
Custom Page View

gb JAMES PACKER Replied 4 months ago

@ ~Z~ Man

Thanks i will see what i can do with the view.php file.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 4 months ago

Ah, saw your screenshot. Well, the only change without hurting stuff is to replace 'col-md-11' with 'col-md-12' in view.php of the component. This will result in a little more righthand space.

Since the basic structure of any theme looks like


it makes sense that inner divs shouldn't have more width than outer ones, because otherwise some unwanted overlapping will start. Keeping with this rule, the browser itself will take care of scaling pics, doing linebreaks, etc. depending on your current screen width.

You may in fact override the 'col-md-11' with a construct like

@media only screen and (min-width: 1400px) {
    .packer_hacker_style {
        margin-left: -9%;
        width: unset;
<div class="packer_hacker_style">

but you'll break any browser's self adjusting that way, and need to keep track of sreenwidths yourself by implementing your own rules as shown.

That said, the only clean solution would be to develop a different theme taking more care about wider screens right from the beginning.

gb JAMES PACKER Replied 4 months ago

oh hey there, sorry for late reply, and my description was a little lacking .Iit looks fine on my smaller screen with my laptop, but i have a much larger spare screen. can we set the page to stretch 100% for larger screens.

here's a visual

as you see there is left and right show unused space. in this custom page i'm using a iframe with 100% width. im thinking purely from an aesthetic point of view . that it would just look better if we could control the width manually just for custom pages .

keep up the good work. ive been impatient in the past about ossn. but really its awesome. ;)

German ~Z~ Man Replied 4 months ago


it's not quite clear what you want to achieve? These custom pages already have the maximium width (same as About-, Terms- pages).

Please provide a screenshot showing where you want to get that 'extra' space.

gb JAMES PACKER Replied 5 months ago

awesome , just one of the things i needed, however id like to be able to increase the width of the custom page with out effecting width of main site pages, any suggestions?

gb Steven Downer Replied 5 months ago

Amending the Private Network array with the applicable page(s) created with this component seems to have done the trick.

Custom site pages can now be added as a footer link without the user being logged in.

gb Steven Downer Replied 5 months ago


the component works quite well but I have a question.

We would like to place one of the Custom pages as an "Introduction/help/guide" for users in the FOOTER, after the "About, T&Cs and Privacy" site pages. Those pages can be viewed without the user actually logging in.

If we wish to place our "help" page, created with the Custom Site Page component, in the Footer, using Menu Builder, so that Users can see the help page before they register/login, then OSSN reports "You are required to login before viewing that page", as we are also using Private Network.

I am not asking you for coding instructions, but merely guidance as to if this Custom page can be placed in the Footer whilst private Network is installed so that all users can see it it they are logged in or not, and where do I look, which component would hold this, etc, so i can fix it myself. I have looked at SITE PAGES, FOOTER LINKS(although not being used) and I cannot find a way to show a Custom page in the footer if private network is installed and the user is not logged in, as at present, the only way to see a custom page in the footer is if the user is logged in.

Any guidance on this would be appreciated.


pk Nikita Prusmoisi Replied 5 months ago

i hav try with kick master does work it

German Arsalan Shah Replied 5 months ago

Fixed, textarea support component isn't required.

pk Nikita Prusmoisi Replied 5 months ago

does work ask for

TextareaSupport component 2.1


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