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This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
German ~Z~ Man 2 years ago


A simple responsive theme optimized for mobile usability, featuring ...

  • fixed topbar and left menu

enter image description here

  • two selectable color presets (light and dark)

enter image description here

  • and a third one for the frontpage - individually customizable from the admin backend

enter image description here

  • 'My Groups' page instead of numerous entries in the sidebar menu
  • floating widgets allowing usage of full screen width on large displays
  • separate section keeping your personal stuff
  • chat on mobile devices

enter image description here

Backup / Restore

Starting with release V 2.3, GreenByGreen comes with a backup/restore mechanism that takes care of keeping your modifications.
Whenever you disable GreenByGreen (= switch to a different theme) the following files will be saved to your Ossn data directory:

  • favicon.ico
  • logo.png (your site's frontend logo)
  • logo_admin.jpg (your admin backend logo)
  • frontpage.css
  • light_mode.css
  • dark_mode.css
  • as well as the 3 accompanying pdf files listing your currently chosen colors
  • site_custom_css.php (holding your custom css changes and additions)

Whenever you enable GreenByGreen these files will be restored to the theme directory, making your site instantly look the same again without any further manual interaction.


Before manually applying any CSS changes to GreenByGreen, make friends with the comfortable admin backend and asure they can't be applied there in a much more easier way.
Manual CSS changes and additions must be saved in site_custom_css.php, only. Don't touch any of the other files since they are being modified and managed programmatically.


V 2.7

  • fixed missing comment input field on group pages (reported by Phil)
  • changed layout of comment section
  • removed unused space in modal popups

V 2.6

  • added magnifying glass to search input field - it starts the search on click/touch

V 2.5

  • fixed not working image delete buttons (reported by Tagoloan)
  • adjusted post and comment photos to same maxwidth of 200px
  • added "Fancybox" feature to enable enlarging of photos on newfeeds and in albums

V 2.4

  • added 'Delete Account' section to profile settings page

V 2.3

  • added backup/restore mechanism (see detailed description above)

V 2.2

  • added 'paperplane' submit icon to comment fields

V 2.1

  • changed Ossn pre-requisite from 5.4 to 5.6

V 2.0

  • member selectable color pre-sets (light-mode and dark-mode)
  • comfortable admin color editor to customize any of these modes plus frontpage colors
  • configurable site timestamps (displaying elapsed or absolute time)
  • added 'Confirm delete' dialogs on frontend to prevent unintenional deleting of post, comments, etc.
  • cover-image download/reposition instruction popup on mobile devices

V 1.35

  • enhanced calculation of footer column width (using completely available space now)
  • fixed wrong default site logo image

V 1.34

  • added 'Home' icon to topbar on large displays
  • display 'Notes' page link in Personal section

V 1.33

  • fix for untranslatable login button and complete French translation contributed by [Christan Gicquel][6]. Merci beaucoup. :)

V 1.32

  • added option to display an extra News Feed entry in the Links menu
  • enhanced column width calculation

V 1.31

  • added self-adjusting height of wall post textarea
  • the position of the user's extra menu has been moved a little to the left to allow longer entries

V 1.30

  • if not logged in: redirect any pages which require authentication automatically to the startpage

V 1.29

  • fixed partly incompatibility with the Menubuilder component. It's working flawlessly with V 3.0 now

V 1.28

  • added 'Home' icon to topbar for easier accessing the Newsfeed on cellphones and tablets - the 'Links' menu appears collapsed by default now because the 'News Feed' submenu entry has become obsolete this way and has been removed. In order to access the News Feed on large screens simply click the site name on the topbar.
  • added the component TouchScreen CoverImage Dragging as a mandantory pre-requisite - which makes sense because the main idea of this theme is mobile usability - and without cover repositioning wouldn't work on touchscreens

V 1.27

  • added Ossn Chat on mobile devices! You can toggle off the online friends tab in case you don't need it
  • added Friends online page to Personal menu. This way you may choose to either chat with friends currently online or send them a message
  • added missing topbar to pages viewed in offline mode (like Term and Conditions)
  • shrinked size of Ossn error page to better fit on mobile devices
  • added support for the Social Login premium component
  • added Chinese language file
  • added Theme Setup on admin backend
  • cleanup of admin backend on mobile view
  • changed layout of User List for better usability on mobile devices

V 1.26

  • fixed incompatibility with AnonymousRegistration component

V 1.25

  • fixed: missing group name on groups without cover image
  • removed: displaying full size ads at the bottom of group pages in tablet view

V 1.24

  • added custom signup form with ability to display the entered password on demand

V 1.23

V 1.22

  • fixed crash in admin backend->useredit if TextareaSupport component is not installed

V 1.21

  • Indonesian language file added, license update

V 1.20

  • don't display Photos section in left menu if OssnPhotos are disabled
  • don't display Message button on profile page if OssnMessages are disabled

V 1.19

V 1.18

  • fixed issue with comment photo attachment preview position

V 1.17

  • compatibility fixes for TextareaSupport 2.5
  • added japanese language file

V 1.16

  • All 'My Groups', 'My Files', 'My Blogs' and similar entries have been moved to the 'Personal' section
  • new separate 'My Groups' page
  • compatibility fix for 'DisableSignup' component

V 1.15

  • fixed missing sidebar bug

V 1.14

  • use 3 columns throughout complete theme
  • include bootstrap css in backend editor
  • fixed position of profile extra menu dropdown in mobile view

V 1.13

  • make use of full screen width if visitor is not logged in or OssnChat component has been disabled

V 1.12

  • applied fix for Firefox dropdown style

V 1.10

  • startpage footer fix applied to login- and resetlogin pages

V 1.9

  • startpage footer fixed at the bottom
  • new green loading icon, added color and transparency to loading layer

V 1.8

  • fixed styling of member icons in several places, chat window topbar color, tooltip of friendslist on the right

V 1.7

  • fixed issue with topbar and left menu overlapping the editor in fullscreen mode (thanks to Ranjan!)

V 1.6

  • replaced ResizeObserver() by own function to avoid issues with Safari, Edge and maybe other/older browsers which are still not supporting this goodie
  • added a little more bottom padding to the left sidebar menu

V 1.5

  • SVG support added to admin backend editor
    (working with HTML-Sidebar, SitePages and CustomPages)
  • added missing favicon
  • different background colors fixed

V 1.4

  • group menu appearance adopted to profile menu (drop down in mobile view)
  • Login directly from startpage (no more reload)
  • fixed language strings for cover dragging instructions

V 1.3

  • sidebar footer removed (as it makes no sense as long as the sidebar is scrolling out of focus - it'll be available again with a new component soon)
  • added drop-down profile menu for mobile devices

V 1.2

  • fixed missing profile-menu issue

V 1.1

  • fade out sidebar footer if bottom footer is in place
  • added language string for personal (member) section in left menu

V 1.0

  • Initial release
us Green Dragon Tavern Replied 2 months ago

Hello ~Z~ Man, and thanks for theme, excellent for cell phone use. Small quibble, when you update Welcome Text, it removes our custom Logo Image. You can update Logo Image afterwards so no biggie but just a heads up.

us Green Dragon Tavern Replied 3 months ago

Adding kudos to excellent work my man. Mobile friendly, very usable interface. If ever in the mood, there's room on header for menu icons (Admin defined would be awesome) since menu drops to the floor when opened ;-) Again, many thanks for an excellent addition to platform, Don.

us Philip Lozier Replied 4 months ago

Nice! All is good. Green by Green ROCKS!

us Philip Lozier Replied 4 months ago

THANK YOU... very much! I have to go out for a few hours, but I will be throwing this on the test server today, and then on to the live site. MUCH appreciated!


German ~Z~ Man Replied 4 months ago

Okay, the issue should be fixed now. And: Phil is to blame for all that. :))
No, just kidding.
Actually it was HIS idea to change the layout of the comments text when it comes to new lines.
So I started working on that already when releasing 2.6 three weeks ago. But since the necessary changes evolved to be more difficult than expected and the magnifying glass code was ready to go, I decided to release the 'glass' in advance - not aware that the remaining code would break the group comments. Yeah, sorry - my fault.

And this is the new layout
enter image description here

German ~Z~ Man Replied 4 months ago

Thanks for your feedback, Av J.
I'll look into this issue today.

us Av J Replied 4 months ago

Yes, iam using greenbygreen 2.6 and yes, on my end the comment bar is not loading.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 4 months ago

Perhaps I should better ask: Is anyone else using GreenByGreen 2.6 at all?

us Philip Lozier Replied 4 months ago

To further establish that it is something being caused from within the new Green by Green theme, on the test server, when running under default theme, white theme, or by re-installing old Green by Green, the comment bar appears as it is supposed to.

only under the new Green by Green is this issue present.


us Philip Lozier Replied 4 months ago

~Z~ Man... here is a snip from when looking at the page source:

"(" and ")" used to replace ">" and "<" because editor in this page wouldn't accept them that way:

--start snip--
(div class="comments-list")
(div class='ossn-comments-list-p13')(/div)
(!-- ./ wall item --)(/div)
(div class="col-md-4 margin-top-10")
(div class="page-sidebar hidden-xs")
(div class="ossn-widget widget-description")
--end snip--

In between 'ossn-comment-list-p13' and where 'wall-item'- stuff starts, should there not be the items for the comment box being called? i.e. user img, insert photo, comment-box, and all the other items that make up that part? They're not there. Any ideas?

The installation on my test server is pretty much 'stock", with no extra stuff added.



Developer: ~Z~
License ossnv4
Type: Themes
Minimum Requirement: 5.6
Latest Version: 2.7
Last Updated 4 months ago
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