Ads Fader Download 1.3

German ~Z~ Man 10 months ago

Ads Fader

Fade multiple ads in and out every 30 seconds instead of displaying them separately one below another.

This component won't allow you to disable or remove its pre-requisites (OssnAds) as long as it is enabled.


V 1.3

  • pre-requisites check added
  • license update

V 1.2

  • fixed ads overlapping topbar dropdown boxes

V 1.1

  • display ads on pages with offset > 1

V 1.0

  • initial release
German ~Z~ Man Replied 1 month ago

Lass deine Phantasie spielen ... lass dir was einfallen ... irgendwas zu tun gibt's immer.

Turkish ömer POLAT Replied 1 month ago

zaman çok uzun zamanı nasılş düzenleyebilirim ?

German ~Z~ Man Replied 4 months ago

As already said first of all it depends on the theme.
Feel free to develop a new theme with more that one ads slot. :)

in Garu Saman Replied 4 months ago

I understand that but what to do when I use the Ads Fader component and for example there are more than 100 ads content on the site? It will take more than an hour for those 100 ads on one panel to finish. Thats why we would like to have several billboards for a lot of advertising materials.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 4 months ago

The Adsfader itself does NOT insert ads,
it just fades ads which are already available in an existing position.

in Garu Saman Replied 4 months ago

Sorry ~Z~ Man I did not understand you well. it is not possible to have 2 or 3 slides ?

German ~Z~ Man Replied 4 months ago

A pre-requisite would be a different theme displaying ads in more than one position simultaneously.

in Garu Saman Replied 4 months ago

Hello everyone. Instead of 1 line can I have 2 or 3 line of slides on top ? if yes, then how can i change it?

German ~Z~ Man Replied 5 months ago

Have a brief look into Changes.txt and ChangeLog.txt at
and you'll get an idea how many things have been fixed and enhanced in the meantime. Thus I see no good reason for creating and extra component for your outdated release and would very much recommend to update your site to the latest OSSN instead.

us Mary Greg Replied 5 months ago

Is it possible to make Ads Fader available for version 5.0 or not?


Developer: ~Z~
License ossnv4
Type: Tools
Minimum Requirement: 5.2
Latest Version: 1.3
Last Updated 8 months ago
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