Michieal ~ Coder ~

I've been a programmer for over 40 years. I am a published video game developer, available on various platforms. I am a licensed developer for Nintendo, Sony (for the PlayStation consoles), and I am a Facebook Developer and a Google Android developer with games published there too. Video game development is my life-long love. * And I have been employed in the Automotive field developing Desktop, RTS, and web based database systems for such companies as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, and their suppliers. I have hosted programming contests as a way of honoring the programming contests that I went to as a teen. I have also taught programming classes and have been featured in programming expos at various community colleges. (For to security reasons, I have removed from the names and locations of the colleges.) * Lately, I've been focused on setting up social networking sites for select customers to facilitate leaving Social Media sites that are overly focused on conflict (both politically and due to external provocateurs) and engagement, and have lost sight of what social media means - a place to connect with like minded people to be social and exchange / discuss new ideas. I do this between game releases. * Languages known / have used proficiently: * BASIC: Commodore BASIC, GW-Basic, Basica, QBasic, Visual Basic, Visual Basic.Net. (Wrote a program in first grade that drew a picture of a house with an animated child tossing a ball, in class.) * C/C++: Borland C products (flavors), Visual C/C++, ANSI C/C++. * ASM: Assembly Language for 8086, 80386/486. Mac Motorola RISC processors (older ones, but still relevant.) * C#: Visual C#.Net. Unity 3D C#. * Pascal: Turbo Pascal, and Delphi. Was a Lead Developer on the OpenNap file share server project. * Python, Javascript, and other C-Like languages. * SQL: MS T-SQL, MySQL. * WEB: PHP, HTML, CSS, some Javascript, WebASM / WebGL. * Age wise - I am almost old enough to be one of my personal heroes and have my own Iron Man Suit. :P * College Major: AI: Computer Programming with a minor in Psychology, focused on how to program psychology into software. (BS.)