SoundCloud Embedding Download 1.3

This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
German ~Z~ Man 9 months ago

SoundCloud Embedding

This component embeds SoundCloud tracks like

or Soundcloud artists like

into your newsfeed postings.


V 1.3

  • adapted to Ossn 5.4 requirements

V 1.2

  • pre-requisites check added
  • license update

V 1.1

  • Javascript api replaced by JSON api
    for better control over the SoundCloud widget appearance

V 1.0

  • initial release
us Mateo XRP Replied 6 months ago

Great component. I would love to have additional components that allow the ability to embed content from other platforms like TikTok, BitChute and Cinnamon Video and would be willing to pay to get that capability. Thanks.

gb JAMES PACKER Replied 9 months ago

awesome! ya cant do that on Facebook. works fine, ideal since i make music under creative commons licensing and have recently joined sound cloud.

German Arsalan Shah Replied 9 months ago

don't underestimate the old folks 😎

I don't at least hahaha i was doing similar experiment but wasn't succeed though much appreciated the work 👍👍👍

lk Evindu Shavinda Replied 9 months ago

Thank you Z-Man. This component is excellent.

gb SzSocial Media Replied 9 months ago

Thank you for sharing this much appreciated.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 9 months ago

don't underestimate the old folks 😎

Polish Remigiusz szyndler Replied 9 months ago

This is awesome ... thank you so much Z-man -- highly recommend applying this plug to your socialmedia .. Soundcoud is biiig eespecially with younger generation ..


Developer: ~Z~
License ossnv4
Type: Third Party integrations
Minimum Requirement: 5.4
Latest Version: 1.3
Last Updated 3 months ago
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