Video Calling (VidConverse) Download 1.7

This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
Indonesian Arsalan Shah 3 years ago

This component uses OpenTeknik LLC Video Calling API. Allows your users to do a video call with each other. (Only on PC)


Before testing make sure you have a camera, microphone working with your system and you provide a permission to use in browser and selects correct device.

Afrikaans Larry morgan Replied 2 years ago

i got through but now it does not work at all. i was approved to enter my key but when I try making calls it does not work it is now being looked after by support. but this should be made a component that persons pay for and make it mobile to mobile. this component is so much worth it if it can work.

Afrikaans Larry morgan Replied 2 years ago

Disable private network and seems to work but now i am in a section that says pending approval.
gives me a key and user name but no body said where to put this information

Afrikaans Larry morgan Replied 2 years ago

This component is a game changer but it is not working for me. can some help it is saying
The server has returned some error

i follow the steps not sure what is going on

us Aidan Gerbil Replied 2 years ago

Hello. When I try to activate this I am getting the error "server has returned some error". Here is a screenshot How do I fix this?

us MAURICE TAYLOR Replied 2 years ago

Reading this in step 2 you do not state where to install it so it leave me believe I'm suppose to install it where you asked me to login in on step 1. Then go to step 3

This doesn't make sense to me at all.

Italian Franco Spinella Replied 2 years ago

I did all steps but I do not see how to use it. I cannot see any button or link within the pages of social. can you explain?

Breton Rafael [] Replied 2 years ago

API request site say: "Server has returned some error". Even when I disable Private Network component

eg Eyad Tamer Replied 2 years ago

I have problems with it,
1. Let's say User A is friends with User B, User B and A can call each other normally, But User C is not friends with User A but they still can request to call them if they are online. This NEEDS to be fixed
2. Add a Disable Camera option or a Make a Call with Video and Make a Call without video buttons

in Balamurali Govindan Replied 3 years ago

@Allon, Thank You.

We want it to work with mobile devices. 90% of our users use only mobile devices.

@Arsalan, can this PLEASE be ported to work with mobile devices?

Thank You.


Developer: Arsalan
License ossnv4
Type: Tools
Requires Ossn Version : 5.6
Latest Version: 1.7
Last Updated 2 months ago
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