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us Allon Prooit 3 years ago

This component gives your OSSN installation embeddable pages and functions from, including the main Google search page (with button for opening it in a new window), an embedded Maps page (with button for Maps), and a Translate page with a translate site function bar and a button for translating dialogue. Presently maps is set to Cheyenne Mountain. You have to go to Google maps to get the embeddable map point you want to show.
V1.0 - Initial release.
V1.1 - Made the iframes responsive. Simply change ratio in css file to edit for your site.




us Allon Prooit Replied 3 years ago

@Joseph Gatt - I'm sure there is. If you look at the Social Login component from there are the unfinished parts to a Google login selection within it I believe. All you would do is add it to that component. I'm not sure what all it would take but I'm pretty sure it's doable 100%!

Maltese Joseph Gatt Replied 3 years ago

Hi Allon Prooit!

May I ask if there is a way to integrate "Google login" into the ossn, i.e. meaning users could login using their Google account?

ph Sepiroth X Replied 3 years ago

I like that theme! :)

us Allon Prooit Replied 3 years ago

Ok so... @Imran Khan, I have indeed noticed that when you navigate away from the Translate page it takes the translation away. I am not sure how to remedy this. My only thought is to embed the Google translate element in the topbar or sidebar to keep it going. I am trying to accomplish this now.
@Arsalan, I'm trying to figure out the coding. The switching function was taken from a working component (I forget which one). Will hopefully have a solution soon. I'm still not getting any error messages though. I'm using PHP 7.4 on OSSN 5.6.

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 3 years ago

Sorry Imran,
I misunderstood your question. It's better to wait for Allon to answer.

in Imran Khan Replied 3 years ago

Have gone through documentation. If Iam not mistaken the Ossntranslate is for setting up a site to default language right? Its a bit of manual work. How is it relevant to google component? With google component which comes with api I can select whichever langauge I want with ease. The only problem is language retention. Please enlighten me If Iam misunderstanding.

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 3 years ago

This is exactly what the documentation is for.

in Imran Khan Replied 3 years ago

Sorry Iam new to community. Can I get solution from there?

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 3 years ago

Did you read the How to translate Ossn documentation?

in Imran Khan Replied 3 years ago

Thanks Allon! This is a wonderful component. There's a minor issue. After translating the site to particular language , if I navigate to some other page the language is not retained. Its reverting back to english. Any help from community?


Developer: Allon
License GPL v2
Type: Third Party integrations
Requires Ossn Version : 5.6
Latest Version: 1.1
Last Updated 3 years ago
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