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Breton Rafael [redcrested.net] 4 months ago

Using the OneSignal API, this component allows users to decide if they want to receive notifications on their computer or mobile device for interactions on their posts, friendship requests, or received messages after some time away from the site. The notifications are displayed in the default language of the user's device, with translations required.

The administrator can use the OneSignal Dashboard to send messages to all users who have accepted to receive notifications. The administrator can also set the following:

  • The number of times a page is viewed/loaded on the screen before the notification prompt appears;
  • The amount of time spent on a single page before the prompt appears;
  • Whether the system will send notifications for received messages and the amount of time away;
  • The customization of the appearance of the OneSignal bell.

To create the authorization ID in OneSignal, after create an account on that site, go to the https://dashboard.onesignal.com/apps, click on new app/website, then fill name and select web and click on Next. To finish the process, follow this instructions.

Note that using this component may incur additional costs. Please see the pricing table at https://onesignal.com/pricing for more information.

Notification on desktop

Notification on mobile

How to buy

I am selling this component for US$39.00 through the Buy me a coffee website. To purchase, visit https://www.buymeacoffee.com/redcrested/e/117780


The component was tested in free version of OSSN 6.4 and 6.6, in the GoBlue theme. Maybe some adjustments are required in older versions and/or other themes.


  • 1.3

    • Fixed languages issues
    • When clicking on the received message notification, the site opens directly in the conversation
    • Added persistent notification parameter. This parameter apply only to Chrome based browsers on non-mobile devices. Details about this configuration in https://documentation.onesignal.com/docs/web-push-options#notification-persistence
    • Fixed an issue when this component is used on OSSN 6.1.
  • 1.2

    • Added customized welcome message
    • Improved the German translation file. Courtesy of Dominik
  • 1.1

    • Fixed label Safari Web ID on admin form
    • Changed commercial name "OneSignal Notifications for OpenSource SocialNetwork" to "Push Notifications on OpenSource SocialNetwork" (thanks Dominik Lieger)
  • 1.0

    • Initial version


Send email to [email protected].


Go to Red Crested License to read the last version of our terms.

Breton Rafael [redcrested.net] Replied 4 months ago

Very short answer, yes and no.

Yes, because each event that generates a notification produces a notification trigger. I also added notifications when someone requests friendship and when the requested user confirms the friendship. Finally, when the user is away from the social network for an amount of time and receives a message in the chat, a notification is sent to that user stating that a message was received. This feature can be disabled and the time is set by the site administrator.

Now the short answer no. The user has to accept receiving this notification and it stays tied to the device he is using. So, if the user accepts the notifications on the computer, his mobile will not receive any notifications. And if the user does not accept receiving notifications, he will not be disturbed.

gb ALBERT DICK Replied 4 months ago

hi with this component will it notifiy members the same way the the component notification by email does


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