Custom Fields and Add-ons Manager on demo

Rally Homelancer Posted in Component Development 7 years ago

Finally came up with a Custom Fields Manager and Add-Ons Manager. Available for a look-see at

I created an original add-on as 'Demo Site' which renders the Ossn site into demo mode.
username: administrator
password: administrator

Your feedbacks are very much appreciated.

ph Rally Homelancer Replied 7 years ago

@Jeremy Monroe

I created an About Me add-on using the created custom fields thru Home Custom Fields. Check this out:

ph Rally Homelancer Replied 7 years ago

Add-Ons will be available soon and will be announced on how / where to download from.

Currently working on a About Me Add-on for Home Custom Fields to look similar to the posted image on this thread.

gb Jordan Sheppard Replied 7 years ago

how do we get ADD-ONs ? :)

ke Alex ken Replied 7 years ago

a great tool waoo

us Jeremy Monroe Replied 7 years ago

Looks really nice. If you get it working as your image shows, please do update us.

pk Malik Umer Farooq Replied 7 years ago

Sir its very easy goto your repositories and then click wiki in topbar menu then create page now

ph Rally Homelancer Replied 7 years ago

Yes I will. I'm still trying to figure out a lot of things on GitHub and on how to use the Wiki. I'm planning to put the documentation there.

ph Rally Homelancer Replied 7 years ago

When trying out the Ossn for the first time, I was trying to come up with a user profile that looks like on this image !\[member profile\]\[1\]
  \[1\]: <a href=">

Then realized the basic fields of Ossn is not enough for the profile I'm trying to come up with. With regular text inputs, dropdowns, radio buttons and textarea seems not enough.

Well, I could clone the OssnProfile and have custom fields on the modified Profile but I have to again change and reaarange the hardcoded fields if there will be changes on the layout for a different theme. The bundled OssnProfile is already well written so why not make use of it and just extend its capabilities. And thus I came up with Home Custom Fields.

It could help extend the user details on existing themes. I could put in and arrange the basic Ossn fields and later have checkboxes, true/false, color picker, date/time picker fields, file uploads, WYSIWYG fields, list table fields, and repeating fields to name a few I have in mind. These fields can be set as required that shows up on registration and must have values or can be set as extra or optional fields that wont show up on registration and can have empty values.

For now, I'm doing a lot of reading and learning on theme building and probably showcase the themes as HomeThemes

Slovak Ondrej Janicko Replied 7 years ago

Will you do a documentation how to develop Add-ons?

Slovak Ondrej Janicko Replied 7 years ago

It seems promissing and your work is good for OSSN user and OSSN administrators.

We will be glad.

For what and how are using Custom Fields? Can you give example? It is interesting.