Error/bug no images with ssl on and no working cache

eric redegeld Posted in Technical Support 3 years ago

thanks tot @Zet Man here the new post

1- some useful information or a screenshot which may help us getting an idea what's going wrong if i have the https setting on if i have the https setting off
2-the URL of your site
3-the operating system/version of your device
Windows 10 with all the latest updates
4-the brand/version of your browser
Google Chrome

As you can see on the picture i can put/edit the https or http setting with FileZilla.
The bug i discover lies in the https. If i put this on and https becomes more and more important to used in Holland. The cache wont work(when on website goes blanc) and you see no images when uploaded

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German ~Z~ Man Replied 3 years ago

No. Any kind of strange things are supposed to happen because of a wrong configuration - that's not weird, that's quite normal. :)

Make friends with your error_log file, and you'll find a lot of useful information - like unaccessable directories - giving you the right idea about the reason of your problem and how to solve it.

Aside from that: Have in mind that other members are waiting for answers, too. Stay fair and post a problem only once.

Afrikaans Eric redegeld Replied 3 years ago

okay what i did was remove the data directory, and make this again and..... now it works/

and indeed the proper line is /httpd.www/ossn_data/';
and also the cache is now working.
again weird but case closed. Thank you

German ~Z~ Man Replied 3 years ago

Thanks for installing ossninfo.

What looks strange to me is your data directory path.
Did you change it after switching to https? You should not do that.
Please verify with your ftp tool that you really have a sub dir named httpsd.www ?
To my opinion this has to be httpd.www instead.