Pin a post on a profile, group, blog, etc..

Aaron Hall Posted in Component Development 3 years ago

Is there a component where you can pin posts on your profile or in a group?

us Philip Lozier Replied 3 years ago

@Filipe medeiros ... as I mentioned in my comment below, "site anouncement" will only be truly viable when it can include html tags, which it currently does not.

As it is, if you need to point out a few things, it takes a lot of space to explain each detail. It is especially disgusting on mobile view, and in my opinion is an ugly deterrent to users. I also can't seem where to change the color of it, or even add a stinking box-shadow to make it fit in with the post box on top, and content below. UGLY.

For site announcement to be at least halfway decent, it needs to be able to have the color changed to fit in with the system, be able to edit the div so it has the same look and feel. If it had the ability to AT LEAST have html tags, it could be used as a table of contents with links to each full announcement, or a page with all of them on it.

Even better would be to have it be a side scroller, (automatic) showing an announcement in each scrolled box , and at the bottom of the box a link to "see all announcements". Then we'd be talking.

Being as I don't EVER see this becoming a reality here, I am likely (as I don't have the programming skills) going to pay to have this made. Already paying to have enhancements made for "half-baked" components that should have had certain features included in the first place to even be considered beyond "proof of concept".

Such is the world of OSSN, I guess. Some great stuff you can do that you can't do with others, but if you want it to beyond a child's toy you either have to be ready top spend a great deal of time coding, or pay somebody else to do it.



us Aaron Hall Replied 3 years ago

Would anyone be willing to make such a component? I would, but I am just starting myself PHP at the moment.

Breton Filipe medeiros Replied 3 years ago

For administrators, there is the following component ... but it would be very good for groups and posts too

us Philip Lozier Replied 3 years ago

Being able to pin a post on a profile, or top of a group feed, would be nice. Would also work if Admin could pin a post on the top of the main newsfeed, as well. I know the is 'site announcement" for that, but for that to be truly useful it needs to allow for html tags and just not plain text.