Need to find the file containing <div class="logo">

Clarissa Mack Posted in Beginning Developers 2 months ago

Hi I have been looking the past two day for this file containing the div class = logo code

Even tried using notepad++ but I don't know who to use it.

So if anyone could please tell me where the file is and/or help with using notepad++ I would be ever so grateful!

(My goal is to reduce the space above the site description. On the mobile site there is too much space. Also tried using the 1x1px image but that does decrease the space.)


us Clarissa Mack Replied 2 months ago


Thank you for your reply! From you tip for using Notepad++ I was able to find the file! Thank you ever so much!!


Breton Rafael Amorim Replied 2 months ago


In notepad++, open the ossn folder as workspace. Then, right click on ossn folder and select search in files. With this tip, you can make the search.

I use another way to change this layout things. I open browser developer console (F12) and find the div to change. Then, I make the changes only in view mode, fixing what I need. At the end, I copy all these changes into CSS file (or the CSS/JS component) and is done.

Hope it help. Regards