CustomFields edit does not seem to reverse choice of the result of choosing to Show Label

Peter Lane Posted in Component Development 1 year ago

I chose to hide the label for Gender on Signup Form. It became hidden, yet when I reversed the choice, it did not reappear. I am using the MoreGenders extension, but I feel that it should not make a difference.

vn Sara jane Replied 1 year ago

I'm overjoyed that you love me. Really got to me, this one did! papa's freezeria

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 1 year ago

You may download latest version of premium social network and copy new custom fields component folder to your existing installation.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 1 year ago

Yes its a bug

gb Peter Lane Replied 1 year ago

Ok, but how do I revert to having the Gender Label shown, please. I have disabled and then re-enabled the MoreGenders component

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 1 year ago

It is because functionality is overwritten by a more genders its like variable for gender settings changed by more genders.

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