Username on OSSNWall

Druskus ZoneNations Posted in Technical Support 3 weeks ago

I wanted to ask if it was possible to put the username next to the item what are you thinking? I tried entering %s in the language file, but I get no results. Can you guys help me out?

Italian Druskus ZoneNations Replied 3 weeks ago

Thank you both for the response!

German Michael Z├╝lsdorff Replied 3 weeks ago

Perhaps a little reminder on the documentation makes sense, in this case

Italian Druskus ZoneNations Replied 3 weeks ago

oh ok thank you very much, I was based on the greeter component and thought it was the same thing, my mistake and you very kind to provide support. One question, in case of upgrade, will this code I enter be overwritten or will it remain constant?

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 3 weeks ago

%s doesn't represent username but anything.

Here you need to change

and changing the other line to

<textarea placeholder="<?php echo ossn_print('wall:post:container', [ossn_loggedin_user()->username]); ?>" name="post">

Fixed issue Thanks to Michael for finding it out :) it was missing closing bracket ]