Is anything customizable?

Casper Dale Posted in General Discussion 2 months ago

So i have installed OSSN and to me it seems like literally nothing is customizable such as login page, no themes available for new version, cant make my own home page....etc
Is there actually anything you can do on this CMS? I mean i was thinking of upgrading if it was customizable but after doing almost 2 hours of searching i dont see anywhere where i can create my own login page or change the colour scheme or anything. For $199 i want to be able to customize anything i want to however i want it but im not willing to upgrade if customization isnt an option

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 2 months ago

You can customize anything. But you can not do it from admin panel. You need to write a component and override any file you wish.

See Michael reply from here : (bottom of page)

gb Casper Dale Replied 2 months ago

I found parts in components where i can customize stuff but there is nothing for the login page/home page