How to edit content on landing/home page?

Toni Hoskin Posted in Technical Support 4 years ago

Hi, I am new to OSSN - I am not a 'coder'. I can edit code if I can find it and know (or research) what to do. (I have sites). I am just a volunteer ESL English teacher.

A.) Edit content on homepage - what is the File Name and location?
1). I need to add a description of my social network on the landing/sign-up page.
2). Bonus wish: Reduce visual clutter on the homepage.

B). Goal: Private network for adult English learners to use simple, conversational, informal, English online.

My network designed is for a specific user but anyone can join. My users are lower level adult English learners, my students have little or no web experience. I want to remedy both issues. They all know how to use Facebook so using OSSN will be easy for them.

Any input is welcome! Thank you

us Toni Hoskin Replied 4 years ago

For any other newbies this is a great first stop:

The elements of OSSN in general

us Toni Hoskin Replied 4 years ago

I'll read the wiki, promise...but to add some color element or color block to the header is that the same thing as far as creating a component? Or is there a CSS file or special component?

Thank you

Oh...have to create a theme? Rats.

us Toni Hoskin Replied 4 years ago

Hi Zet Man! Great info. Understanding how it works is incredibly useful in general! I appreciate your time and input. And the simplicity. I'll browse wiki first. And likely leave it alone. After review, looking again at the home page, I really only want to add some text. A different background would be nice, but not important.

And no translation is allowed on the site. English only is the idea.


German Michael Z├╝lsdorff Replied 4 years ago

I recommend to read the available documentation first before customizing your site. See

The basic concept of Ossn is not to edit any core file but make your changes by means of what we call a 'component'. In your case you'd have to copy system/plugins/default/pages/contents/index.php to YOUR_COMPONENT/plugins/default/pages/contents/index.php and apply your changes there.

Your component may come with its own language file, too in order to replace some default translations and/or create your own language strings.