As you are aware of the buttons area appears in the photo view page like delete. You can extend this area via this hook. There are 3 types of photos right now in the albums.

1. Standard album photo
2. Profile covers
3. Profile photos

function my_component_init(){
ossn_add_hook('photo:view', 'album:controls', 'my_component_hook');
ossn_add_hook('photo:view', 'profile:controls', 'my_component_hook');
ossn_add_hook('cover:view', 'profile:controls', 'my_component_hook');
function my_component_hook($hook, $type, $return, $photoObj){
//photoObj contains photo object
$album = ossn_albums()->getAlbum($photoObj->owner_guid);
error_log(print_r($photoObj, true));
return 'new stuff';
ossn_register_callback('ossn', 'init', 'my_component_init');

Photo view controls buttons area