TouchScreen CoverImage Dragging Download 6.1

This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
German Michael Zülsdorff 5 years ago

TouchScreen CoverImage Dragging

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ph Sepiroth X Replied 6 months ago

This component isn't available anymore?

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 11 months ago

It's just one of thousand other ways to make it work. Feel free to share your own component.

us Michieal ~ Coder ~ Replied 11 months ago

@~Z~ Man - Having to turn your phone sideways is cumbersome to say the least. Is that OSSN functionality? or is that TouchPunch?

vn Hồ lưởng Replied 1 year ago

it does not save Reposition

Catalan Poonam Sehrawat Replied 5 years ago

iphone 4s , iphone 5 no buttons at all

Catalan Poonam Sehrawat Replied 5 years ago

iphone 6S, iphone 6 Puls.

Buttons pops up and disappear immediately

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 5 years ago
  1. Huawei
  2. Android 6
  3. Chrome
  4. Working
Catalan James MacKay Replied 5 years ago

Works great on a blackberry Z30 using blackberry OS10 and the default BB browser

Breton CLAUDIO CAMPOS Replied 5 years ago

I tested on Samsung and everything is great


Developer: Michael
License GPL v2
Type: Photos and Images
Requires Ossn Version : 6.0
Latest Version: 6.1
Last Updated 4 months ago
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