GDPR Download 2.1

German Arsalan Shah 11 months ago

Make your website compatible with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) European Law.
You can find more details here :

You can also download the template for privacy policy here : just download and replace yourwebsite with your website name and with your website hostname.

us Allon Prooit Replied 5 months ago

Is there anyway to move the "delete account" link to the middle of the dropdown menu? Also,
Does anyone know how to put this option into the "Update Info" section? Thanks!

German ~Z~ Man Replied 9 months ago

Version 2.1 comes with some fixes and enhancements:

  • wrong link to Privacy Policy fixed
  • clicking on Terms or Privacy Policy opens a new page - keeping your input data in the registration form in place
  • the standard "By clicking Create an account, you agree to our terms" line is suppressed
  • creating an account without clicking the agreement checkbox doesn't work any more - an error message will be shown instead
  • the "Delete account" option is suppressed from admin account menus
  • a German translation has been added
German ~Z~ Man Replied 10 months ago

There's a typo on line #7 in components/GDPR/plugins/default/gdpr/signup.php

Please change

'href' => ossn_site_url('site/terms'),


'href' => ossn_site_url('site/privacy'),
German Arsalan Shah Replied 10 months ago

Please see the guidelines mentioned on above link, did you read it?

Afrikaans Eric redegeld Replied 10 months ago

good tool and installed it, but where to find this after i intalled it?
i see nothing happen


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Latest Version: 2.1
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