Atlas Download 2.5

This component/theme doesn't work with the latest OSSN version.
mx Alex Mora 4 years ago

Updated, Some fixes, and trying to make it more compatible with all other OSSN components.
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Breton Bruno Ferreira Replied 11 months ago

não funciona. Acho que é problema no jquery. se travar tudo é só acessar o banco de dados, ir em ossn_site_settings e colocar goblue no theme

us Ralph Pearcy Replied 1 year ago

Can someone please update this and make it work for the new versions if ossn...or at least make some new themes

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 2 years ago

both commands threw out an error message.

As already said in

don't expect us to have a 7th sense ...
so please provide that message :)

Regarding subdirectories included in the browser path or not:
If your default Ossn site is reachable like
then ossninfo.php needs to be run like

If it is reachable like
run it like

In any case ossninfo.php has to be copied to the same directory where opensource-socialnetwork.xml is located.

au Phill Raymond Replied 2 years ago

I'm running 6.4 which I installed through Softalicious and have just started testing when this happened. So really this like a new/test install.

If I am doing something wrong with your instructions I will wait for your reply before deleting the database and starting again.

As this is a new install I may just install using 6.5, which I have just downloaded from the OSSN site, then I won't have to worry about the update until the next one.

I'll also forget about Atlas ... :-)

au Phill Raymond Replied 2 years ago

The php file suggested where put in the sud directory with the OSSN installation, just in case you read the prevoius post and thought I'd missed that.

https://MY-COMMUNITY-URL/MY SUB-DIR/ossninfo.php?password=MY EMAIL ADDY&disable=cache


https://MY-COMMUNITY-URL/MY SUB-DIR/ossninfo.php?password=MY EMAIL ADDY&theme=goblue

au Phill Raymond Replied 2 years ago

Tried with no success. Followed instructions using

https://YOUR-COMMUNITY-URL/ossninfo.php?password=MY EMAIL ADDY&disable=cache

and then ran

https://YOUR-COMMUNITY-URL/ossninfo.php?password=MY EMAIL ADDY&theme=goblue

both commands threw out an error message.

I'm running 6.4. I noticed the files refer to 6.5 could that be the problem, different versions?

au Phill Raymond Replied 2 years ago

My bad, should have looked before I leapt.
Changed the theme to this and now I can't log out or change it back.
Theme links don't work, or drop-down when clicked on. All drop-down menus do not work.
Hope i don't have to re-install to get back to main theme.

I know I should have read the disclaimer at the top.
So any advise please. Do I have to go the re-install or is there a work around?

Macedonian Egzon Mehmedi Replied 3 years ago

yo i just created account here to say this looks so dope :D

Indonesian Agus pian Replied 3 years ago

very cool


Developer: Alex
License ossnv4
Type: Themes
Requires Ossn Version : 5.5
Latest Version: 2.5
Last Updated 4 years ago
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