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German Michael Zülsdorff 3 years ago

Content Sharing (externally)

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us William Shoap Replied 3 years ago

Update #3: I tested the api using the test pages in Rest7. I manually copied the share link URL and pasted it into the Rest API test screen and then viewed the result. It generates an image but it is not picking up the preview image in the OSSN post. Hence maybe this has something to do with the error. I have attached another screenshot.

enter image description here

us William Shoap Replied 3 years ago

Update #2: I got the api key from Rest7, applied it in the configuration for Content Sharing, then went to a newsfeed post and clicked "share link". It errored out as seen in the attachment. enter image description here

us Av J Replied 3 years ago

Hi! Is it just me or is there a issue with version 2 of the release? After enabling the component again, it redirected me to a page which is not loading and the "share" feature is gone for me.

This is the random page
This is the random page it takes to

enter image description here
And this above shows that the share option is gone.

If its just my end let me know please :) thank you!

us William Shoap Replied 3 years ago

enter image description hereThank you. I just uninstalled 1.2 and installed 2.0 and the "share link" has disappeared. Also, there is an option under the configuration menu for "content sharing" and when you click on it, there is nothing to configure. Also, the menu item is in all lower case under the configuration.

Update: I tried again after a few minutes, and I saw the configuration screen as it should be . I think I must have been reading from the Cloudflare cache.

us Philip Lozier Replied 3 years ago

Oh... I know it's in progress... that's why I'm telling the results as it goes... LOL! I -LITERALLY- was going to post a request for something like this when I logged in here and saw you were working on it! LOL! SURPRISE! LOL! I have had a few users BEGGING for it like they "see on other sites" (as they put it). I have a lot of ideas, but the coding skills of a mosquito.


German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 3 years ago

The Favicons change was only one necessary pre-requisite to continue developing this component at all.
This one's still work in progress ...

us Philip Lozier Replied 3 years ago

WRT to the change in favicons... it does remove the ugly preview as shown in the previous below. Tested on facebook after that. When sharing a blog, after hitting "save", a window pops up saying "there was a problem, etc"... but it posts... it only posts a link, though, with no kind of preview whatsoever, and no indication of what the link is even about. Same when trying to share a regular post with text, video, meme, shared article, etc.

Sharing blog ON the site produces a profile picture with the blog title... this is NICE. it works.

For "regular" post, (text, meme, video, article, etc), when sharing external, it would be nice if it put an image preview of the post itself the same way as the softlab24 share feature does, but on the external site... kinda like when you share something from twitter to facebook... this would be a MONUMENTAL achievement and loved by ALL, I'M SURE, as it would draw people from other sites to their own. I have had several memebrs request just that, for just that purpose, as they are also trying to get as many friends as they can to my site to join in with them.

Thank you SO much for the hard work you are putting in on this!!!



us Philip Lozier Replied 3 years ago


us Philip Lozier Replied 3 years ago

Also tested to another site I belong to with same results wrt post preview.

us Philip Lozier Replied 3 years ago

Much nicer, but still not sending a preview when testing a share to facebook. Either just posts a text link, or it sends the favicon inside a box with the site background color as before... CLOSE... :)


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