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Breton Rafael [redcrested.net] 2 years ago

This component allows users to decide to see posts from all or friends only by showing two options below the new post block in News Feed.



How to support

If you want to help me to make more components, click on the button down bellow and buy me a coffee. It's up to you how much coffee I'll drink :-)


  • Version 1.3

    • Fix Avoid caching the JS files. Thanks to Arsalan Shah to solve the issue and Tamás Varga for finding the glitch.
    • Added all OSSN supported languages. Except for EN, PT, and ES files, all others need to be translated

Known issue

If any other component uses the ossngethomepagewallaccess() function it is necessary to change it to hpagepostsgethomepagewall_access() for everything to work correctly. As far as I know, this function is used in the following components:

  • HashTag
  • PopularPosts

Thanks to Hugo for testing and reporting


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.
Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.

Breton Rafael [redcrested.net] Replied 9 months ago

If Google translate is correct, you want 4 tabs (all posts, friends, favorites and just me). This is correct?

I don't know how you define people as favorites. It will be interesting for everyone here if you can explain what makes a person a favorite in your network.

But what you ask can be done. Quickly thinking about a solution here, you will need to add 2 more tabs in the plugins/default/js/homepageposts.php file. Afterwards, you will need to edit plugins/default/wall/siteactivity.php and ossn_com.php to receive these new options. You will probably need to create a class inheriting OssnWall so that you can search for favorite publications.

Catalan Yanick beaulieu Replied 9 months ago

Would we be able to add the tab only me it would be really really nice otherwise what code should I add I have already added the buttons but it does not want to work! sorry for french word

German Kastello S. Replied 10 months ago

Hey, I'm on Version 6.6 from OSSN and have the Problem that the "Friends Only" tab doesn't load comments besides the "first inital batch" after that there's just a spinning circle at the bottom. It works on the admin side even tho you always see all posts of course.

I can't see any problems in any error log. Maybe anyone has an Idea why it acts this way?

I changed the hpagepostsgethomepagewall_access() in the HashTag & OssnWall component already (I don't use PopularPosts) but it didn't help either.


Breton Rafael [redcrested.net] Replied 2 years ago


I try to keep up with the messages in the community and I saw the discussion. I feel relevied to my component run properly and happy to see your and Arsalan's efforts to keep all users on the line :-)


German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 2 years ago

no need to spend a thought on Anna's issue anymore. In the end (see https://www.opensource-socialnetwork.org/discussion/view/6137/components-setting-or-re-creation) it turned out that she is running Ossn 5.0. That is: An old out-dated core system your component has never been developed for.

It's clearly visible right-hand on top for every one that this component requires at least Ossn 6.0, and whoever feels smart enough to bypass the ossn dependency check should be able to solve the resulting problems themselves, too.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 2 years ago

If you don't remember then restore your website to original code. That is the only way to resolve it.

us Anna Ayva Replied 2 years ago

I can't remember because almost the whole site has been changed

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 2 years ago

Ah ok... and we should know of course which lines you changed exactly.

us Anna Ayva Replied 2 years ago

It's the Goblue version, so I remember correctly that it changed in this file?

us Anna Ayva Replied 2 years ago

Yes Michael, I changed CSS etc. a long time ago, but I just noticed this problem. Please tell me step by step in which file can I find it?


Developer: Rafael
License ossnv4
Type: Uncategorized
Requires Ossn Version : 6.0
Latest Version: 1.3
Last Updated 2 years ago
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