Topbar Focusizer Download 1.1.1

us Allon Prooit 2 years ago

A small component to keep the topbar in focus. Also includes javascript that is supposed to make the topbar scroll up when scrolling down and then return after scrolling back up.
Needing help to further develop it.
V1.0 - Initial release. Keeps the topbar constantly in focus.
V1.1 - Code corrected for the community to help develop it.
V1.1.1 - Code corrected by Rafael Amorim. Code needs to be adjusted for right side buttons in CSS.

us Allon Prooit Replied 2 years ago

Sorry for any difficulties this little project of mine may have caused. I pulled out the <script></script> tags and adjusted the ossn_com.php file to read js/ossn/site/head instead of js/ and now the javascript errors are gone, and the chat, notification, and comment errors are gone. Does this make it work for OSSN 6.1?

German Michael Z├╝lsdorff Replied 2 years ago

Yeah, that's a start!
And a good example which way some faulty code of one component may stop the code of other components from working. The side effect here: We can't comment anymore. :p

So, what's going wrong?
Pressing F12 and having a look at the Console tab gives an idea ...

enter image description here

Clicking that line 2976:1 will show some more details

enter image description here

Ok, then <script> is causing the problem?!?
Yes, because (you may have a look at the Network Tab first) Ossn doen't load each component's javascript individually, but is merging it to one script file. Now, that this file IS already recognized as Javascript, any additional <script></script> tags inside are not allowed / confusing the script interpreter.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 2 years ago

I get a lot of errors in JS after enabling it and the functions like post, comments, chat stopped working.

enter image description here


Developer: Allon
License GPL v2
Type: Tools
Requires Ossn Version : 5.6
Latest Version: 1.1.1
Last Updated 2 years ago
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