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German Michael Zülsdorff 9 years ago

About User

This component adds an additional profile subpage named About showing some basic member information like gender, age, etc. retrieved from the member's account data.

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The accessibility of the About page depends on the mode which was chosen on the account settings page. The three available options are public (visible for everyone), friends only, or nobody (except of the account owner and administrators).

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Note: About User can NOT be used in parallel with the Custom User Fields component. Whenever Custom User Fields gets enabled, About User will be disabled automatically.


V 7.3

V 7.2

  • removed unnecessary debug code (displaying 'BLA' on mobile devices)

V 7.1

  • added Hungarian language file
  • adapted display of non-default user fields of type dropdown and radio to profile settings page

V 6.1

  • Ossn 6.x support
  • verified PHP 8 compatibility
  • removed Textarea Support dependency
  • added check to prevent enabling with Custom User Fields component in parallel
  • new 'tabbed' layout of About page
  • moved accessibility settings to extra tab of account settings page
  • fixed wrong or un-translated country names provided by the Country Selector component

Outdated Ossn 5.x releases:
V 4.3 (supporting Ossn 5.4 up to 5.6, requires TextareaSupport 2.12)

  • adapted requirements to Ossn 5.4

V 4.2

  • completed set of language files
  • adapted to TextareaSupport 2.8

V 4.1

  • adds configurable privacy to about tab
  • automatic disabling of About User component if Custom User Fields component is enabled

V 4.0

  • support added for dynamically displaying additional profile field's data as provided by components like 'CountrySelector' for example.

V 3.1

  • translate gender
  • rewritten age calculation function

V 1.0

  • initial release
us Vinothkumar Arputharaj Replied 3 years ago

@Scotty maturin have you tried the GreenByGreen theme? It's working well for me :)

us Scotty maturin Replied 3 years ago

I cant get this to work on dark theme. it doesnt show up at all under user.

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 4 years ago

Verified now: About User 4.1 is working flawlessly on Ossn 5.3 free.
Please provide more details regarding your configuration - see https://www.opensource-socialnetwork.org/wiki/view/1101/how-to-report-a-bug-error

And please note that About User will be disabled automatically in case you're running the Custom User Fields component (see Changes above)

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 4 years ago

There are chances that About User 4.1 is not compatible with Ossn 5.3
I put a read mark on top for it now.
Needs some time to investigate...

German Bob Weston Replied 4 years ago

Hi.. I am new to this but learn really quick.
I need to know what has to be done to get the "About" to show on the page.
I have the component installed and enabled but the About is not showing on the page, profile or in the admin section.
Any help would be appreciated.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 4 years ago

It not strange , the component that required by this component have requirement of v5.2 not this component.

us Mary Greg Replied 4 years ago

But this also for 5.2 version))....I dont understand why mention here the 5.0 option if it not work or need version 5.2 component? It's very strange

us Mary Greg Replied 4 years ago

where can i find that component?

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 4 years ago

Because you need to install Text Area Support component first and enable that one first.


Developer: Michael
License ossnv4
Type: Communication
Requires Ossn Version : 7.3
Latest Version: 7.3
Last Updated 3 months ago
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