Anti adblock script for free for all

Fatih Bayram Posted in Technical Support 6 years ago

First go to the root directory of your website and create file named showads.js
open show

adblock_aktiv = false;

now open the footer file of your theme and add this to the footer

I doesn't know why I can not add the javascript code here but I saved here
copy the code and add it to your footer

Indonesian Masrukin masrukin Replied 6 years ago

thanks sir , this is very helpfull
> @Masrukin masrukin See:

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 6 years ago
Indonesian Masrukin masrukin Replied 6 years ago

i have a question sir , how to hide menu if adblock is active? , example : if user is using adblock and activated it, the login menu will not be shown, and the page will be show "Please disable your adblock," , and if user have been disable their adblock, the login menu will be shown again