How to extend background to the bottom in login screen?

Johannes Genberg Posted in Technical Support 3 months ago

When you login to the site with a computer you have a huge white space on the bottom of it, which looks bad. How can I fix it so the background continues on to the bottom?

us Nelson Rogers Replied 3 months ago

I think your mean=> In themes/goblue/plugins/default/css/core/default.php

.ossn-layout-startup {
min-height: 1000px;

Worked for me too!

se Johannes Genberg Replied 3 months ago

That worked. Is there a way to hide the scroll bar?

se Johannes Genberg Replied 3 months ago

I will try that. Thanks!

us Helen Lubar Replied 3 months ago

In themes/goblue/default/css/core/default.php
Find "Layouts" and increse min-heights. Worked for me. (save original file first).