How to show that a page is loading instead of the rotating circle

Johannes Genberg Posted in Technical Support 9 months ago

Is it possible to disable the "rotating circle" and just let the page load bit by bit? The reason is that sometimes, probably because of pictures from other servers with bad connections, the site takes a long time to finish loading.

Or maybe let the rotating circle load text and code, and then let the users see it while loading pictures. I guess that would be much trickier, but maybe it could be something for a future update at least.

German Arsalan Shah Replied 9 months ago
us Bansh33 - Replied 9 months ago

David, have you tried using the built-in caching function (can be enabled in the administrator panel)? It is supposed to cache both CSS and JS files, so while that doesn't eliminate the unnecessary in something like jQuery, it would probably save a significant amount of loading time (after the user has loaded the page once).

German Arsalan Shah Replied 9 months ago

no you can't add ; as its not a html tag

se Johannes Genberg Replied 9 months ago

Thanks! Is it enough to add ";" at the start of the line?

us Helen Lubar Replied 9 months ago

Remove L39-L43.

ch David Exodus Replied 9 months ago

I was asking something similiar, as example to remove unused js functions ect. would be a lot of progress. at the moment the whole library is loaded and in some of them only a little part of the library is used.
But I don't wanna mess up myself as I can't really see in this complex system which parts are definitily not used.

se Johannes Genberg Replied 9 months ago

Then I was completely off there. It would still be great if something could be done.

ch David Exodus Replied 9 months ago

I've analyzed what is taking so long and the problem is, all the JS Files take up to 5 seconds to load until then the loading circle is shown. As when the page reaches document.ready state i guess it shows up with the images and text still loading.

I'm not 100% sure but that's what i guess.