PrivateNetwork component | How to remove message...

Oliver Mankewitz Posted in Technical Support 3 months ago

You are required to login before viewing that page.

from landing page and pages like the GDPR ones which are accessible from ""
Goal: Only display that message if someone tries to access pages like "" or "".

Thank you!

German Oliver Mankewitz Replied 3 months ago

Ah, okay...
Mine is v4.2. Ill give it a try.
Thank you very much for your help!


Tatar Steven downer Replied 3 months ago


If I am reading you correctly, you appear to have the same issue I had a few weeks ago.

Chances are that your Private Network Component needs updating....It is currently at v4.3 and that resolved my issue...

German Oliver Mankewitz Replied 3 months ago

And I got this message right after I logged in successfully.