Develop a component for video live streaming

DZ AM Posted in Component Development 3 years ago

Hi everybody,

Is it possible to develop for us a component allowing live streaming like in Facebook (paid work) ?


us MAURICE TAYLOR Replied 2 months ago

This definitely should have been done due to it's popularity, would definitely shed more light on to this platform.

Zuang Lebogang maloisane Replied 2 years ago

Hi guys has anyone again developed a video uploader beside buying it at softlab 24,

Zuang Lebogang maloisane Replied 2 years ago

Hi guys has anyone developed a business page beside buying it at softlab 24??

ch DZ AM Replied 2 years ago

Thanks all for your replay.

@TC TRASH: Very interesting your suggestion. This tutorial may help you to develop quickly your own component:


Byelorussian TC TRASH Replied 2 years ago

if your site contains a hundred people you will need a 1gbs server to dedicate 100 incoming stream and 100 full hd outgoing stream
between 5mbs and 7.5mbs for 1080p streams
between 1.5mbs and 2.5 mbs 720p
between 500 kbs and 900 kbs sd resoluution
are required installation red5 server management stream to be used by all social networks

Byelorussian TC TRASH Replied 2 years ago

hello everyone i am creating a live video integration script my only problem is that i don't know where the php function is to introduce one on the wall publication menu i can very well add it in the right menu bitch to plugins the live video script is not on the same host. I would have liked to change the css of the live stream to adapt them to the ossn display and integrate the multimedia player which I customize so that it makes the display as on facebook the pip is already on the player and also the full function screen that hje will modify add an icon directly on the display reader. when i push the full screen button it will display the whole page with the comments plus button to exit the full page mode and return to the wall .... can someone tell me where the comments function is and file it css to adapt to my script?

us Bansh33 - Replied 2 years ago

I've been asked about this several times over the past couple years, and it's definitely doable, but would take a lot of effort and a fair amount of time (which unfortunately also means money). The best starting point for this would be something like WebRTC -

feel free to email me if you want, info in my profile

gb JACK AMPERES Replied 2 years ago

not easy , as it requires more expense for your host due to processing power and most are not in a position to afford expensive hosting.and most if not all relatively cheap hosting providers will not offer such ability, i would love to see it, but technologically its not so simple or affordable for us little folks

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 3 years ago

Actually everyone wants that :) not that easy task to do that.