CSS Chat Box color issue

Larry Bell Posted in General Discussion 3 years ago

Okay have some issue track down a color in the css. sure its simple and right in front my glasses and I'm over looking it. the chat box text and background color is the same. I put up a screen shot. For life of me cant find it. I know the color code 9d3* just locate it in the right spot. Maybe someone might have suggestion what section of 1-2600 line of css to look in. Thanks in advance !

us Larry Bell Replied 3 years ago

yeah I found it the next day after a good few hours of rest and fixed the issue. Now working on tweaking some of the css code. But thank you for the input all helps.

German Andre kutzner Replied 3 years ago

Search for it in the themes css and then color:#000;
.friend-tab-item .data .message-reciever .text

German Michael Z├╝lsdorff Replied 3 years ago

first, there's a How-to which way to find something in the source on

next, I recommend to report non standard theme/component related issues directly below the affected theme or component. This way the developer will receive a notification automatically.

us Larry Bell Replied 3 years ago

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