How to replace site name text with a logo

Bob Weston Posted in Theme Development 1 week ago

I am trying to find out what code would be needed to get rid of the site name text and replace it with a logo in the topbar.
In the default.php of the css for the theme I found the following code that controls that text:


.topbar .site-name a {

text-transform: uppercase;

font-size: 20px;

padding: 10px;


display: block;

font-weight: bold;


.topbar .site-name a:hover {



what would I have to change to display an image instead?
Or is this the wrong place to do this?
Any help would be appreciated.. thanks in advance!

German Bob Weston Replied 1 week ago

I figured this out on my own.. I had to edit the themes topbar.php, not the the themes ccs's depault.php.

If anyone else is interested, this is what I changed:


<div class="col-md-7 site-name text-center <?php echo $hide_loggedin;?>">
<span><a href="<?php echo ossn_site_url();?>"><?php echo ossn_site_settings('site_name');?></a></span>


<div class="col-md-7 site-name text-center <?php echo $hide_loggedin;?>">
  <span><img src="<?php echo ossn_theme_url(); ?>images/logo.jpg"/></span>
German Bob Weston Replied 1 week ago

I guess I should have been more specific.
I am using 5.5 and not using any of the themes that came with it.
I am using theme GoBlack4.5
But believe I may have to change because there is a lot of stuff missing in it... like the menu in the user profile

German Andre kutzner Replied 1 week ago

It already exists in the new uptadt there it is in the admin area