Blog Add-On Links not work correctly.

Vincent Spingola Posted in Component Development 2 months ago

Although the Blog addon work nice I found one slight problem when make a URL link, it gives you two options when choosing whether to keep the current page or a new window. The problem is no matter what you choose it just opens the window for the link in the same page?

us Vincent Spingola Replied 2 months ago

Hello ~Z~Man
Thank You, sir, worked as you said...

German ~Z~ Man Replied 2 months ago

Thanks for reporting, Vincent.
I just fixed the problem - please follow these steps:

  • download TextareaSupport V 2.11
  • log in to your Ossn administration backend and open the Components section
  • uncollapse TextareaSupport and remember/write down the components listed as "Used By"
  • DISABLE these components (in your case 'Blogs", maybe others ...)
  • DELETE TextareaSupport
  • INSTALL the new TextareaSupport V 2.11
  • ENABLE TextareaSupport and the other temporarely disabled components