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Anna Ayva Posted in Theme Development 2 months ago

Hi OSSN specialists. The news feed page can sometimes scroll down too long for interest, and then it's hard to get back. So It would be great if someone create a Scroll to top arrow button that would immediately scroll back to the beginning page.

us Anna Ayva Replied 2 months ago

Thank you Arsalan. I will try․

us Anna Ayva Replied 2 months ago

Thanks! I found many such free widgets, so I will try to use them, if something doesn't work I will contact you :)

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 2 months ago

Maybe you can contact us for custom paid component that adds scroll to top button.

us Anna Ayva Replied 2 months ago

Yes dear Michael, maybe it is a quick solution, but not all users know about it and not everyone is comfortable with it. Why resort to such an action when there can be only 1 button that will bring up the page? :))

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 2 months ago

Not really elegant, but a quick solution is to add a hash # to the current url like

and press Enter