Error Log reporting LS COOKIE NO

Bob Weston Posted in Technical Support 2 months ago

Does anyone know why that error would be logged or what would cause that, or has anyone else had that error?
My error log shows that line over 10,000 times since 27 September.
The only thing I installed on that day was "profile views" and the custom component "Language Switcher".
I know the language switcher is cookie based but why would that be an error?

German Bob Weston Replied 2 months ago

Hi Z.. not sure what was doing it.. I disabled the error log yesterday and deleted it.. re-enabled it today and it appears no errors are logging.. so not sure what was doing it..

German ~Z~ Man Replied 2 months ago

getting something logged to the error_log file doesn't necessarely mean it is an error.
You may log whatever you want like error_log('Bob is feeling fine');
So maybe it's some leftover debugging code...
Which file does this logging?