Something broke OSSN chat on only my account

Everwijn Overberg Posted in Technical Support 2 months ago


Something weird happened today and I was wondering if any of you could make heads or tails from it. Here is what happened: A member of my OSSN driven site( contacted me through the chat feature and while talking decided to leave the platform because I could/would not give him what he wanted.

The member in question deleted his account while the little chat screen with me was still open and since then I can't see all chat messages on my account. Other members have no problems but when I try to klick view all messages I get:

Error: Call to a member function iconURL() on boolean in /home/urubin/public_html/themes/Awesome/plugins/default/messages/pages/view/recent.php:43
Stack trace:

0 /home/urubin/public_html/libraries/ossn.lib.views.php(27): include()

1 /home/urubin/publichtml/libraries/ossn.lib.views.php(50): ossninclude('/home/urubin/pu...', Array)

2 /home/urubin/publichtml/libraries/ossn.lib.plugins.php(75): ossnview('/home/urubin/pu...', Array)

3 /home/urubin/publichtml/components/OssnMessages/plugins/default/messages/pages/view.php(17): ossnplugin_view('messages/pages/...', Array)

4 /home/urubin/public_html/libraries/ossn.lib.views.php(27): include('/home/urubin/pu...')

5 /home/urubin/publichtml/libraries/ossn.lib.views.php(50): ossninclude('/home/urubin/pu...', Array)

6 /home/urubin/publichtml/libraries/ossn.lib.plugins.php(75): ossnview('/home/urubin/pu...', Array)

7 /home/urubin/publichtml/components/OssnMessages/ossncom.php(93): ossnpluginview('messages/pages/...', Array)

8 /home/urubin/publichtml/libraries/ ossnmessages_page(Array, 'messages')

9 /home/urubin/publichtml/index.php(22): ossnload_page('messages', Array)

10 {main}

Any ideas how to get the chat feature working properly again? I can do a one on one chat, this happens only when I want to view all messages...

Kind regards,

Everwijn Overberg

Dutch Everwijn Overberg Replied 2 months ago

Z-man and Arsalan both thank you very much! The Code as supplied here worked like a charm!

You guys rock!

German Arsalan Shah Replied 2 months ago

Confirmed from softlab24, patch is applied on their development version of theme.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 2 months ago

You can try that quick fix:
Open /home/urubin/public_html/themes/Awesome/plugins/default/messages/pages/view/recent.php
and change line 40 to look like

if ($user) { ?>

and line 52 like

} }

But please report that issue to, too.