User fields getting borked???

Philip Lozier Posted in Technical Support 2 months ago

Was wondering why my background.jpg stopped showing on the landing page (fine on the login page, just vanished on the landing page) and was pulling my hair out. tracked it down to using "additional user tags" just prior to this happening so I could add a few things for the "alphabet people" so they don't get all hairy on me. Okay. Then I ALSO noticed that the pop down calendar for the new user signup field vanished as well. Oh, joy.

So... I play with additional user fields again... mistake... big mistake... now no alphabet people support, AND, the birthday user field is gone ENTIRELY!!! Good news, though. The background.jpg is back!!! Yippeee!!!

So... tried to manually re-enter the birthday field at least, no pop down calendar, and the background.jpg vanishes again. So... is there ANY way to get the birthdate field BACK in operation, WITH the pop down calendar??? The pop down calendar is essential, because I am in the USA and manual entry will not fly. It's like driving on the other side of the road.

Question... how do I get that portion back to default behavior without having to start over (my last backup is too far back to be entirely useful, been flying through things)

Next question... and yes... it is a question out of frustration... is there ANYTHING you can touch inside of this package that doesn't break another part of it??? Okay... got that out.

Help would be appreciated.



gb Kevin B Replied 2 months ago

If you aren't touching any core files, there's actually pretty much nothing you can do to break it. If something breaks, revers the custom change.

The whole system is extensible, so you can extend it and modify it how you want with custom components. 99% of the time it's bugs in custom code that cause the issues. I should know - my code is often full of bugs! lol.

German Arsalan Shah Replied 2 months ago

Hi Phil,
Are you using ? or did you removed birthdate field from Custom fields component?